I Got Banned..

Objavljeno 26. maj. 2021
What else shall we do??

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  • Complete every house, also buy everything in the game 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Pls do F1 2021

  • Run the dog over

  • Counter-strika got a better anti-cheat than Warzone

  • When he got banned he shoulda made a joke about Jarvis innit

  • Play joshes gta game mode

  • doesn't everyone love how Simon says rom instead of room

  • Also, how is no one chattin bout’ da thumbnail???

  • POV: u say ur rich but eat dog food

  • petion for simon to play cat goes fishing

  • do ur 24 hour stream

  • Hey Simon since you are getting bored of Streamer Life simulator I have know a cool game you can play called INSIDE, you can download it on steam and I think it would make a good series.

  • what the game name??

  • please play dead by daylight

  • Buy every pet

  • Play some more overcoocked with viz and talia

  • play fortnite

  • What's wrong with xrp? I'd like to know.

  • Play stranded deep!!!

  • I legit saw the porsche parked while he went to the dealer

  • All my car fans know the Hachiroku is the best

  • gotta be honest these titles and clickbait finally got me, i didnt think this was a streamer life simulator

  • Bus simulator

  • Your car is on your right side at 12:49

  • rated x clothing

  • Just wanted to be comment 666 don’t mind me

  • finish the series standing on top of a car over the lake eating pigs

  • YOu should build the best setup for each of the new houses even in the shack next to the lake

  • In the last episode buy a triple monitor setuo

  • 12:49 lost car ?

  • Build a setup in every house.


  • Wanna see Zornhub fam

  • upgrade your pc, adopt all dogs, turn one house into bitcoin mine

  • You should try to fill one of your houses to the brim with bitcoin-miners

  • Play SLnumberr life 2 or 1

  • Keep going with the gas station game

  • 12:50 is that the red car Simon is looking for?

  • Ayo this clickbait


  • or subnautica

  • you should do stranded deep

  • Do a 24hr streaaaammmm

  • At 12:48 the nice car is on the right of your screen

  • But all the dogs

  • Yo Simon when gas station sim coming out that was heavy

  • Hi simon


  • Will Simon reply?

  • Buy all the dogs and turn the flat into a crypto mine and live in the house instead put the dogs in the other house opposite

  • I'm waiting for this series to be over.

  • Decorate the house 🏡

  • You should do a episode hunting down Lucas

  • Buy all the dogs

  • Everytime I see a video of streamer life simulator I get excited but then I realize that it’s coming to an end

  • You should play ranch simulator demo again as they have updated it is completely different to what you played

  • Last episode, bring Bertie outside and hit him with the van

  • Last episode ideas 1. In game Subathon 2. Play on the terrorist team 3.get bertie a friend 4. Find the car

  • Join NoPixel?

  • My G play scary games or maybe some challenges for old days sake like Carolina reaper or someting with alcohol?

  • We wanna see u decorate the houses😤

  • Buy all dogs

  • Buy all the dogs and walk around the city

  • Tommy is better

  • You should try out anime games for a new series

  • Play gta roleplay

  • If you like simulators Simon House Flipper or my personal favorite Chair Fucking Simulatorr, it's great. I joke, but genuinely, House Flipper is great, it's on of the best sims on Steam

  • The only series of his that I don’t like and he keeps clickbaiting me 😩

  • I want to see you DESTROY Lucas

  • If this is the last you should play conan exciles pls

  • internet cafe similator 2

  • Could you pls play animal party with the sidemen or with anyone else

  • gas station sim

  • that one with the spoiler

  • i saw your car

  • 12:48 well we saw ur nice car on the right side

  • 100% design and do up the new houses whilst purchasing all the dogs 😂

  • 100% design and do up the new houses whilst purchasing all the dogs 😂

  • play subnotica

  • Simon stream: "I am rich" Also Simon: eats dog food


  • build the worst pc ever

  • "What is this lovely concoction" 🤣🤣

  • Nice

  • Zornhub

  • I commented yesterday but I don’t think he saw, I spotted your expensive car to the right at 12.50 when you were pushing the black car, your welcome 👌

  • start playing valorant with talia

  • i can't believe Tommyinnit is close to beating Simon's main channel to 10 mil

  • 12:48 there's your car

  • hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  • Spy party

  • You should play stranded deep Like if you agree

  • U need to find the car

  • 12:49 THE CAR YOU LOST IS THERE!!! (Near your house in the city)

  • Streamer life simulator On stream ???

  • Play ranch simulator bro

  • I really like the gas station simulator game a lot ngl.

  • Game suggestion: Knockout City

  • 12:45 the red car just chilling

  • i think gta rp is the thing we all like tat is after streamer life simulator