What is our Relationship Status?

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  • Talia so wants to be married

  • Talia is so cuteeee

  • since when did JJ get so good at disguising as a female

  • Why does she look more and more like those chicks that cosplay and stick their tongue while being cross-eyed while spit is running of their tongue

  • Simon leaked the secrets sorry bro but I’m stealing yo girl

  • 3:10 gets me every time

  • they mine as well just get married now, they are perfect together

  • Hey Simon I now you won’t see this but me I recently just found my future wife and I really wish my relationship with her is like yours and Talias

  • Do one with jj

  • Talia look like asuka from evangelion

  • I hate it that Talia now covers her laugh.

  • Simon, you should watch The Game Changers and become vegan

  • Simon is dating ksi

  • WTF is she wearing lol

  • Man why talia have to wear full makeup every time, she is beautiful without makeup, makeup will destroy her skin

  • Talia is single, Simon in a relationship, and that’s girls and boys where JJ is Effective.

  • Someone needs to make a meme out of 6:45 lmfao

  • lations

  • loving Talia look very pretty lady :)

  • Simon is still in a relationship with jj

  • Buzzfeed also know Simon is in a relationship with JJ

  • Chicken does belong on pizza and so does pineapple. Try out chicken, mushrooms, and pineapple or chicken with buffalo sauce.

  • This was such a wholesome video, they're defo top 5 internet couples

    • Nah shes cheating HIM with ellum

  • Talia Mar 2021: I love things small

  • He's dating JJ

  • Plot twist: Tarlia is cheating on Simon and so that’s why she got single as fuck cos she fucking anyone and everyone 🤣🤣

  • I really hope she changes her hair

  • loved the way he looked at the camera after she said ''i like them small''

  • Plot twist : Simon’s dating jj and talia is just a coverup

  • Talia's look is mostly how their daughter would look like.

  • Simon and Talia: We're taking a relationship quiz from BuzzFeed Me: **looks at the date when it was posted** *smirk* So, you defo count that?

  • Talia so leng

  • 2:14 that’s from the movie get hard😂😂🤣 (great movie btw)

  • Simon be yourself, don't shout so much

  • Simon is over doing the acting a bit

  • Simon's energy seems forced now

  • 3 years ago we were laughing at Simon for not having a girlfriend and now he has like 8

  • The timing was perfect lol🤣8:15

  • it says talia is single and simon is in a relationship with jj

  • I swear Talia looks like Freya in this video with the hairstyle (not colour)

  • Why does simons girl look like a teen on this vidio

  • “Chicken doesn’t really belong on pizza” but spinach?

  • Wait that’s talia wtf she looks so differwnt

  • i'm getting a feeling that simon's gonna propose👀

  • Do it again, but with JJ next time

  • 7.38 no one: simon: *sees a bowl of spinach* that's a bowl of trees lmaoooo

  • Why she looking like Chucky?


  • 7:39 My respect for simon as an italian: 📈📈📈📈

  • Love them😂💕

  • I don’t think Talia’s joking anymore about the marriage thing anymore bro

  • Why are they so cute together

  • Ethan has multiple girls with one personalities, and Simon had a girl with multiple personalities :) Simon the true king of the sidemen

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Bra over t-shirts, is that a thing now?

  • I swear talia looks different in every video

  • Literally gave talia the double birdie at the end 😂

  • Cringe man

  • nah he dating jj

  • Sometimes talia & simon reminds me of lily & Marshall from himym, they act like them a bit

  • Bro just wife her your nearly 30 😭😭😭

  • What is her shirt😂

  • Talia looks so cute in that outfit omg I love it

  • talia looking like an e girl

  • Seems more like a close friendship tbh

  • Ksimon

  • i like talia’s daphne cosplay here

  • Simon after responding to 4 comments : ive seen enough im satisified

  • is anyone going to tell talia that you weir bras under you top

  • I thought the girl in the video was Freya

  • JJ is the one that Simon is in the relationship with. Talia is just an imposter

  • Simon presses now and propose

  • Even buzzfeed can read that Simon is with JJ and not Talia

  • Talia: single Simon: relationship… KSIMON

  • Bro just marry her already (you can keep JJ on the side everyones happy)

  • 0:55 y u cheating on JJ then

  • Simon's dating a Japanese

  • Why does talia look asain lol

  • BBQ chicken is good on dominos pizza

  • Talia is so fit

  • I forgot talia went red

  • Simon in a relationship and talia is singles I wonder who Simon is with ; () KSI

  • Guys I’m confused I thought Jj was with Simon please give me knowledge

  • Ayyo Talia is single all right. AND, Simon is in a relationship. With JJ. The quiz works just fine

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Talia looks like Veronica Leal

  • simon ill join your army of children

  • Talia would get it

  • Talia looks like a different person every month ❤️

  • very nice😍

  • Buzzfeed: Talia is single Willne: 🙏

  • Questionable outfit talia

  • Simon: Chicken is so average on pizza * proceeds to pick pepperoni*

  • Why insult my mushrooms man... T_T

  • You needa get a mic closer to Talia or something. Every vid your a lot louder than her

  • Now talia is Harley Quinn without died hair 😂

  • Confirmed Simon is with jj and not talia “lol” 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂

  • Simon reply’s wow

  • Talia looks like a different person every other video , keep up the good work yung money mint.

  • I dont think the tone of Talias make up suits her new hair colour