WE PACKED A 6 MILLION COIN MOMENTS ICON (The Henry Theory #75) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Objavljeno 12. maj. 2021
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  • i kinda just got bored of fifa and went to warzone

  • Anyone who said TOTS Vardy is trash is the biggest capper, that card is bullshit good

  • Whatz your custom tactics

  • Game changer luck

  • *One the thumbnail its shows 5,000,000 but in the title it says 6milion* 😧

  • Anyone said about his game name

  • why is striker henry in mid?

  • Love this series

  • Bruh 😎 the pack luck 🍀 in this series

  • i personally dont like the concept of how he plays with other youtubers i personally liked zidane zone more and i also liked watching him play futchamps rather than co op rivals

  • Hes playing cantona in cdm😂

  • I packed moments kaka yesterday out of a gold pack

  • bamford series? next??

  • I just packed moments Henry from my moments pack in swaps

  • U are on the red list

  • Another French icon

  • 10:50 you ust got kaned....

  • A miniminter cen you do a SLnumberr life it's a simmlator it's good. Bycus you have a strimming one plzz do SLnumberrs life

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  • I got TOTS Bamford just playing normally and threw him in the Guaranteed Prem TOTS SBC because i already has TOTS Kane from the 84+ player pick. Ended up getting Fofana

  • 🐐🐐

  • I dont understand why they are getting excided about the price when they cant even sell it..

  • You and the wizard definitely top tier duo

  • Should've played Carrillo. He's actually really good

  • hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  • he doesnt even play but packs insane players

  • Simon get 84 nick pope🤣

  • Simon with credit card team: everyone has some amazing team

  • Get Theo to 1 mill

  • Make runs on bamford left foot with some power in the shot it's going in

  • My friend got Bruno fernandes in the guaranteed prem pack

  • I did the Powell and Bamford objectives and instantly put them into the PL tots pack. Got De Bruyne!!!!!!

  • minminter going from hernandez twice to momments viera

  • I swear down Theo broke his hand

  • The title says 6 million and the thumbnail says 5 million, so consistent

  • Can I point out all Simons moments icons have won the World Cup

  • Ya just got shawd Ya just got moored Ya just scored

  • You should do 94 aguero he is so good

  • Now simon should get ronaldinho or butragueno

  • Start cantona instad of soucek and flip veira and cantona. Also you could start neuer

  • Hey, why is there some dislikes, that right there, DISGUSTS ME

  • when he turned down vardy my heart dropped

  • FIFA in the mud recently.

  • I literally said veira before watching the vid 🤣🤣🤣

  • Woohoo he finally uploads

  • Idk if you know this but theres a person called king miniminter on clash royale thats one of the top players on ladder globaly

  • its backkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Swear these episodes get shorter and shorter

  • Get w2s on the Henry theory please!!!!

  • 8:23 thank me later

  • Guys can anyone gameshare fifa 21 to me pls XD

  • When The wizard in any of simon's vids you are guaranteed with a great pack

  • I thought this fiba in streamer life simulator... dislike

  • Fam the pack luck his acc has

  • i dont want this series to endddd :(

  • These are so much better with guests, the series loses so much personality without one

  • It's he ever going to change the club name from Leicester

  • This account has broken pack luck

  • This account is so lucky it’s actually stupid

  • That was duuuuuuttty fam

  • I was like how has this guy already done so many icon swaps until I realised he uploaded old gameplay 😂

  • theo with the luck

  • Icl the series is dead now Or atleast the gameplay is

  • U should have picked vardy i haven't used him but he looks good

  • Hey what? Vardy is actually decent, carried me again in fut champions

  • Then singing : “you just got shawed” “you just got moored” *Kane scores* Me: “you just got KAAAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEEEDDDDDDD”

  • Tbh i had forgotten about this series 🥲

  • 6 million icon? Viz must be on the call

  • and we are back for one of the shittest series ever

  • Intro never gets old ;)

  • Get Danny Aaron’s on

  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

  • The last icon pack he opened I got moments R9 from it

  • Omg even his red picks are red listed

  • Im sad the series is ending. Was such a good series but ngl Zidane Zone was better. This would be better if he invited other guests P. S remember Fortune and Giroud

  • Why is simons pack luck so sick I got giggs ffs

  • Remember when it wasn't just a pack opening

  • At this point I only click on these to see the thumbnail pack

  • Luke Shaw 😚😚

  • Says 5,000,000 on thumbnail but 6,000,000 in the title😂😂😂

  • Next series on Cantona???

  • 8:25 for the icon

  • Wish he uploaded more of these

  • Please upload more plzzz

  • How’s this man so lucky

  • 8:22 is why we are here

  • Make more fifa vids mate

  • Last video We packed at 3 Mill icon this video we packed a 6 mil icon next video we pack a 12 mill icon ?

  • Bruh the pack luck in this series 😱

    • He is one of the biggest Fifa youtubers at the moment (its always on top trending) I'm pretty sure Fifa just adjusted his account to have better draw odds.

    • @imHomura_ I just got tots haaland, such an l 😭

    • And then there’s me with 5 free 100k packs and I can’t even get a walkout. Even icon swaps packs. I opened the 84x20 and 81x25 and the best player I got was veratti. I cbfa

    • Fr he packed tots bamford

    • @Instinctive HD no? Two of them in div 5 and one div 7

  • Who else is hyped for this

  • Where is his new Henry?

  • this account is juiced 😭

  • 8:26 is what you're here for

  • Wag Wong my G mans looking leng 😂

  • We need more content Simon



  • Damn bruh just got blessed

  • Just started playing fifa 21

  • Well finally.....