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  • Didn’t laugh

  • Bruh failarmy is so peak, thats my youth right there

  • bruh

  • The baby reveals are going too far

  • The swift pond firstly disagree because crush neuroanatomically phone like a friendly step-son. wiry, special zoology

  • 1:38 did Simon jsut say this n**** ain’t there

  • Half of these are not funny 💀💀

  • Us tiktok vs UK tiktok part2????😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • And bark was spot on

  • 1:36 is it just me or did simon drop the n bomb?😂😂😂

  • What video did simon so limbo? I cant remember it

  • 4:40 Truee

  • 1:36 he said N word

  • did he say the N word at 1:35?

  • Is it just me or whenever Simon puts his hand on his mouth his fingers look like they r stuck together 😂, sorry Simon.

  • 5:16 i dont get i the only one?

  • anyone else not gonna comment on simon saying the n-word?

  • the vid with the airport and the luggage wasn't a fail simon, it was a confirmation of what every airport is like

  • Simion videos are the best

  • A mans arm nearly gets ripped off by a lion in a fail army try not to laugh, because that always makes people lol doesn’t it

  • This made me sick, thank you Simon!!🤬🤬🤬

  • Saimon plz do like a boss videos 👋🏼👋🏼

  • “When kids and dogs are best friends it’s the best thing in the world”Simon Me “imagine If the dog just ate him”😂

  • Simon if you can please react to this character called 'Ultraman' funniest thing ever! Idk I find it kinda lame which I eventually find it a laughing stock.

  • react to goofy's trial, its hilarious

  • 2:55 AYO

  • 7:13 I'm glad he was that boyfriend to run and get the camera that scream XD

  • Ngl this wasn't funny but I do like Simon vids

  • Yay no videogames today 👑

  • I failed

  • 1:37 "this nigga aint"

  • Fail army damn, throwback to 2012 life

  • Most of these are try not to cringe moments..

  • 4:16 hahahahahah omggggg

  • Miniminter : today we are doing a try not to laugh Miniminter : through out the video 😂😂😂😂

  • Do try not to perish challenge

  • Eurovision funny clips and best clips 😊

  • lit ep.

  • 0:24 this is gta in a nutshell

  • Fire in the spoof shellers series

  • King skoovby with the wheelies

  • i typed in this .,,,,,mm,,.,, 7;=====, and found this channel

  • These videos are jokes ngl

  • @4:34 I live literally TWO BLOCKS AWAY from that 😳

  • React to Twinkie man on SLnumber some funny

  • Man said "if it helps, it's not a nice car"

  • Why was I surprised when Simon spoke normally instead of with peters voice

  • 2:07 ”You fell in water. From the surface.”

  • 4.53 Marvel Avengers Alliance he had thundra and either one of the Spider-Man variants or mockingbird

  • React to Riley ried compilation

  • 1:39 sounds like n word

  • Remove that background beat

  • 1:38 did he just say the n word...

  • How the said water 2:08

  • 6:52 that sledgehammers presence alone brought that wall down

  • play dead by daylight please we miss it !

  • For anyone wondering the song in the background at the start is ksolis fear no evil ;)

  • keep going king!

  • 1:39 Simon says N***a

  • Dang it’s been a while since I’ve watched one of your vids away from the sidemen channels. You act so different in this it doesn’t seem genuine at all

  • Tom Cruise impossible stunts

  • wheres the big brother clubs

  • I watch this like 3 days ago 😂

  • im hurting from the death of that bug ;(

  • Simons commentary is funnier than the actual video

  • simon’s laugh is so contagious

  • React to oversimplifiedww2

  • That was a dead try not to laugh, even JJ could not laugh at that.

  • 7:30

  • why music in the background????????

  • 90% of the video he watched was so crap

  • Could you please do a BTS try not to laugh challenge please ☺️☺️ xx

  • NDL

  • NDL

  • These Videos were people could actually die are not funny

  • failarmy in 2021? sidemen truly are boomers

  • Funniest daz games compilation

  • 0:05 ..cuz its fuckin FailArmy lol

  • can you please react to some kpop that aint bts

  • 1:35 is it just me who kinda heard the n word but then but it in slow motion and realised he didn’t say it

  • Simon:let’s see why so many views Me: ig because the thumbnail or title

  • 1:37 He says the N-word

  • it really was impossible to try not to laugh because it wasn't funny

  • POV: that bear was his pet

  • Make a vid with lachlan again

  • The only one I laugh at was the parrot and the cat

  • 🎶We going back in tiaiame🎶

  • When both the boyfriend and girlfriend release a try not to laugh.

  • Tamil makkal yaara irunkingala?

  • 1:40 what did he sayyyyy

  • 3:33 Sad =c

  • I’m trying to find out how most of these are funny LMAO

  • U need to react to Lukeafk

  • React to carryminati

  • 9:35

  • So the lady that ran away scared of the person wearing the mask. I know her her and the guy that scared her. It looks fake but its real. She works for a church and she was there alone and he was hiding in the bathroom waiting for her to take her lunch break and so when she heard noises she got scared and then she just seen a figure and just took off. He pranks her all the time and she hates it.

  • Hey Simon, great video as always! Please can you react to Racist Mario?

  • The video was super short 🙄

  • FailArmy is the OG

  • Do a “Try not to Laugh -Football edition” 😁