Answering the Most Controversial Couple's Questions...

Objavljeno 28. maj. 2021

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  • Why does Talia look like Lucy from despicable me?

  • Talia wearing Simon's sidemen t shirt is cute

  • Divine was the surname of my SIA course tutor lol

  • It doesn't seem like they are a couple, they should kiss on camera to prove it 😂

  • Simon in this whole video: dAYuM

  • Gigi Divine😂Simon's p**nology is mad

  • For some reason in this video Simon looks like a short haired, skinny version of Monkey D. Dragon

  • simon and talia are the most non problematic couple i have seen and i love it

  • why am i playing along as if Simon, Talia and I are a throuple?

  • Simon looking good tho

  • plz get rid of the ginger hair. If you like it keep it but......

  • 6:30 even if its just 2 seconds of JJS laugh I'm still gonna laugh at his contagious laughter😂😂

    • Why is Talia always so hot no matter the haircut or color

  • Disagree not Digree 🤦‍♂️

  • Lmao my teacher's last name is Devine

  • Why do Simon and talia hate marriage a video please


  • Talia is fiiiiiittttt

  • She’s such an annoying feminist

    • no one asked

  • Is it just me who saw an egotistical and self-obsessed, slight god-complex Simon in this vid and the Reddit one?

    • Yup. It's just you. Where was the god- complex, self obsessed bit in the video, assuming that you know what those words mean?

  • Simon looks better w a bit of stubble

  • Talia has become very self conscious about her laugh

  • Moral of the story, it’s all about preference and it’s each to their own. What works for one couple may not work for another. We’re all human and that means we’re different!

  • The way Simon dodged her when she said “if I lean in” he really said I ain’t getting caught simping 😭😭

  • Simon saying leave a like and she won’t be back me spamming like button haha jk

  • Why is Talia always so hot no matter the haircut or color

  • Simon after every question: "Dayum!!!"

  • 6:29 KSImon

  • 6:30 surprise attack


  • Should you be calling people hot with your significant other? I feel like nah

  • Simon watches too many friends

  • 🔥

  • 8:10 my heart melted🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • 6:31 this clip never fails to make me laugh 😂

  • simon every 5 seconds "dayum"


  • Every time Simon anxiously screams I think of Peter sufflebottom

  • 3:39 Of course Simon disagree with this one, he cheats with JJ all the time 😂

  • If Talia proposed she would break her neck tilting up on one knee

  • damn

  • So nice of simon to give talia his chair

  • ginger talia is a big vibe

  • That KSI cameo 🤣🤣🤣 Always makes to wheeze 🤣

  • Her previous hairstyles suited her so well, this one feels a bit off.

  • Simon after every question: Dayyyymm

  • Can we please get a sidemen reacts to AFL plz!

  • Hey Simon, can you please make a video using your touch screen projector? That thing looks sick

  • 7:55 how nice of simon to avoid kissing talia.....he really loves JJ doesn't he?!

  • I mean you're cheating on JJ with Talia, what u on bout?

  • Talia looks different in every vid

  • Having the same interests are not that important, but having the same values are. That's where the gold is. You can get by easily by educating eachother on your own interests, that's fun too. Don't have to share them to talk about them.

    • I believe as well as values are the keys to a healthy and functional relationship- Whilst some people prefer to be with someone with the same interest! I think it is a preference

  • How can Talia suit every hair colour and length 🤩

  • Jesus loves you

  • For those who got a headache tryna find out what talia said it was “sounds like a good night”.

  • They do have problems as a couple they just don’t make videos about it

  • Did anyone see how happy Simon and taila are at the start of thr video 😍😍🥰🥰

  • Drinking game: take a shot every time Talia touches her BEAUTIFUL hair

  • married in 2 years is fast?😭 my parents got married in 4 months without it being an arranged marriage like how

  • Simon I hope you keep growing your beard out it's looking good 👍

  • buhahh my friends last name is Devine 😂



  • Leave a like and she won't be back 👀

  • 6:25 yooo did talia admit that she has a sexual relationship with Freya

  • Welcome to the ginger gang

  • Talia is starting to look more like ariana grande

  • Yo whats with those daamns

  • videos with these two together gives me so much serotonin 😍

  • Talia is gross FairPlay

  • You probably won't see this but can you try out a game called Brawlhalla, its max 8 players.

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed ✝️🙏🏼

  • Why does talia not post

  • 6:31

  • God she’s gorgeous. 😍

  • simon aint getting that tshirt back !

  • Sounds like a good night 😂

  • is it me or anyone else think that simon got thicker??

  • Bully is a game that is really fun

  • simon missed peak click bait titles

  • Disagree was spelt wrong

  • For the love of everything. Talia please speak up

  • can we boot the ginger

  • Talia's smile at 7:16 😍

  • Soulmates have nothing to do with star signs

  • *sounds like a good night.

  • Me when I look at the thumbnail and say yes I can see other people what kind of a question is that Then six seconds later Ohhhhh like that kind of see people

  • Simon: FAST PACED BAD NO PROPOSE PROPOSE BAD Talia: _I don't think married in 2 years is that fast..._

  • Simon letting talia sit in the comfy chair in his channel means something Idk what but I know it means something

  • Man I could barely hear talia at max volume...

  • lit ep.

  • Give simon a year of not shaving i bet he might get a better beard that JJ

  • 9:40 AHH YES Simon is man of culture

  • 6:30 LMFAOOO

  • 5:23 sad gully gang noise

  • 400th comment

  • What's wrong with her eyes?

  • She looks like pamibaby a bit

  • 6:30 even if its just 2 seconds of JJS laugh I'm still gonna laugh at his contagious laughter😂😂

  • Talia didn’t know Men love everything women love Cause men love sex End of story

  • “Leave a like and she won’t be back” KSImon fans: 👍👍👍👍👍