Objavljeno 15. maj. 2021
Let me know more things to unbox!

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  • please please PLEASEEEE make more videos using that 😭

  • You came in this trend late my g

  • Plz do in unboxings it's the best

  • Bro this could be a badass sidemen sunday

  • You should give it away after the videos I think that would be dope if you did

  • Why did he do the intro like Harry?

  • You can up the speed in the settings

  • fire

  • Loved this video hope more to come soon

  • This should be a sidemen video, everyone gets one and races them

  • I love lege

  • drake

  • You should make a p.o box so fans can send stuff and you can involve that stuff with this unboxing series or it can be one on its own

  • I thought JJ and Simon had moved?

  • This should be a sideman video

  • anyone else think he should make a nintendo channel?

  • 0:50 Deji already did it... Keep up ffs

  • You ever disrespect the homeboy Wig again I’m unsubscribing

  • For the things that you unbox but dont use, can you do a give away with them?

  • This series will be fun 👊🏻

  • All lacatu fans. I feel you after what he said

  • rd

  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .

  • Matthew 3:2 .

  • That be pog

  • Do this Mario kart a series

  • Kinda reminds me off Anki Overdrive 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

  • Luigi is elite

  • its laggy cos u have to be in the same room

  • Luigi is better than Mario.

  • It would be sick if they do a hide and seek with this

  • Imagine preferring Mario to Luigi

  • Not hating this series at all

  • I couldn't even tell this was by Simon by how exaggerated the thumbnail is

  • U didn't break it . It's slow and if your switch isn't in the same room it's laggy

  • I mean, why is this not in the main Channel ? Is quality

  • The handheld shot of Simon in his setup was such a good shot, shoutout to the camera man

  • Hes w2s now

  • It would be very funny if Simon spyed on JJ with the kart😂

  • Simon: No one likes Luigi Me: Dislike

  • Should start a channel called MiniminterUnboxing

  • love the beard

  • Can you unbox amazon pallets

  • Since you're on the Mario theme you should try LEGO Super Mario and you can actually get Mario

  • Hey Simon play watch dogs legion that game is so sick

  • Do another one

  • This didn’t get recommended. Might have to call SLnumber. Stopping my mans mc minter

  • Deji had that game

  • You should unbox a wl toys a959b it's quite fun.

  • This series is gonna be sick. Please continue.

  • I would love if this was a series! I think the lag was because you were in the other room and the Bluetooth connection was too far away

  • Do more! This is Sick🔥🔥

  • Lol

  • Dope or nope

  • Ayo simon acc replies to comments here!?

  • True fact Luigi is better than Mario especially because Mario got executed or was arrested for crimes or something according to memes & im memes we trust

  • 1:09 I get Harry vibes from this

  • How has this vid flopped is a good vid

  • 8:37 Simon on some coke ngl

  • is this mini minter or harry xD

  • Play forza horizon 4 with steering wheel and pedals

  • I clicked on a Simon video not a Harry-does-a-jazz-hands- video Simon

  • Great video 👍

  • Luigi is better than Mario anyway.

  • Please do Anki Overdrive with like Talia or JJ

  • I wish Simon had harrys personality type only because Simon doesn't have one.

  • when you have no one to play

  • the harry special at 1:10

  • Will this inspire simon to play switch games again

  • Why isn't this on your main channel then? this was a banging video!!!

  • He really said hey sidemen unboxing is a good idea from sidemen Sunday imma do it😂 the king

  • Miniminter reviews??

  • I wish the sidemen did mario kart

  • Yoww simon unbox the iron man mask...its sickkk

  • This will be a sick series

  • Make this a MoreSidemen video. Have the rest of the guys get one and make a couple races out of it

  • Imagine setting the track course into JJ room haha that would be joke to see JJ reaction to it 😂

  • Game wasn’t laggy for me

  • “JJ talking about how hard it is to make a track, that was East” 😂😂

  • Gonna love this series thanks for the great content Simon


  • Idubbz bad unboxing legacy continues through you Simon, use this power wisely

  • I have the Mario one

  • W

  • You won't be playing that again. send me this :D

  • U did damage it

  • Lol Simon doesn't know that the range is dodgy between switch system and AR kart

  • Simon is trying to grow a beard!

  • Order a electric motorcycle and then unbox it, it would be fun to watch u assembled it and ride it

  • So no streamer simulator?

  • I like this series. Main channel worthy in my opinion.

  • Simon do the fortnite series again

  • We want streamer simulator back

  • Great vid

  • When is the next streamer life simulator coming out Simon???

  • is stream life simulator just over? whats going on simon??

  • Just post streamer simulator man

  • unbox random football shirts

  • Hi again its me

  • Rip streamer life