My Euro 2020 Prediction.

Objavljeno 3. jun. 2021
Predict it yourself and let me know:

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  • Sweden getting slept on fr

  • You put swedan last and thay won the group lol but yea im swedish and half french

  • Why do all underrate Sweden mate

  • Everyone thought that sweden would come 3 or 4 but They won the whole group 🇸🇪

  • Man clearly didn't know anything about Ukraine, if he thinks they were going to lose 3rd place thing to Scotland and Finland

  • Got A B and C and D correct and F

  • Hes had a stinker whit Sweden

  • u predicted 4 groups correctly... mad

  • Swedan won the grop lol


  • Sweden will win EURO 2020

  • hhhhhhhh Sweden 4 place. Nice prediction.

  • Well i mean, Sweden ehhh yeaaaa mm yes

  • im german and i think england win against german

  • Lol 2 weeks later and sweden won group E

  • Ur swedish support goes 📉📉📉after this video

  • Sweden 🤠

  • ”Sorry sweden” Ye well, we won the group so…

  • Sweden Nr1

  • Alla här efter Sverige vann gruppen😂😂

  • Cmon now… Sweden❤️

  • How can you think Slovakia is better than Sweden

  • I just had to came back since Sweden just won the group🇸🇪🇸🇪 wow simon, this really was a bad prediction

  • sweden tops grupp

  • He actually made some good predictions, but Belgium's got that ego boost tho, They might have it in the bag

  • Can't believe he correctly predicted 4/6 groups and ALMOST had a perfect group D

  • Bahahhahaha sweden won the group and u put swede last damn


  • We won our group, that was a bad prediction

  • sweden Topped the group

  • Sweden 1

  • HAHAHAAH Sweden won the group

  • yikes is all i can say about group e

  • T’es prédiction son très bon pour le moment bien 👍

  • hahhaha your preditctions for group E were so wrong. Sweden didn't loose a single game and we won the group

  • Nearly All group correct, Group E false

  • Everyone roasting his football knowledge and now after group stage he actually got a lot right. Even predicted England be Germany..

  • he got everything right in the groups then switched scotland 😂😂

  • He was god until he switched scotland anx czech republic 😂

  • It was pretty good predisctions

  • Who’s here after Sweden won the group

  • “I’m sorry Sweden” - 🤓

  • Can we just talk about how he predicted groups A, B, C and F 100% correctly? Even group D he got kinda close (admittedly group E was a stinker)

  • Everyone laughing at his picks when he got most of the groups correct

  • Sverige vann

  • Sweden won the Group E

  • Sweden won the group so suck on that

  • He got 5/6 groups perfect, with a little luck in poland sweden he could get all 6. And everyone said before " omg you are not in 2012, you don t know football". Well done Miniminter, well done

  • Sweden won the group hahaha 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Dont talk bad to Sweden we are number 1

  • Someone here after Sweden won the group😂😂😂

  • Sweden won the Group

  • Sweden 1 Hahahaha

  • I just will remind you that sweden 🇸🇪 won the group

  • Sweden won the group!!! Its just a Swede

  • 🇸🇪 top of our group

  • He got Group A, B, and C bang on. Group D he switched 4 and 3. In Group E he did terribly and in Group F he gets it right as well. So everyone hating on him before about his decisions was wrong (mostly).

  • Other than Group E he only missed one(which he changed). Wow!

  • Not bad.. not bad at all..

  • “You all laughed at me, well I have to say you aren’t laughing now” Simon Farage 2021

  • who’s here after he predicted 4/6 groups - he shouldn’t have moved scotland and he would’ve had 5/6 right😭

  • Wtfff just 1 grp false wtff

  • Sweden won the group


  • 4 groups bang on to be fair

  • You cant disrespect Sweden like that

  • Haha lol Sweden

  • Big L on sweden

  • Sweden aged well did it not?

  • This guy is insane, he only missed group E group

    • He put Sweden at 4th and they won their group, what are you talking about?

  • Look what place Sweden got lol

  • Who’s here after Sweden won the group

  • Group F 100% correct as well

  • I like Kante So I choose France. lol

  • Damn he got group A, B, C and F correct. I was really surprised with group F tho cause everything was so unexpected. Hungary played really well and managed to tie with both France and Germany, which was probably the most surprising thing to me given that those are two of the strongest teams. It's a shame that they were put in such a group cause if it weren't for that they would have made it to the quarter finals. As a portuguese, I feel for them they deserved better

  • He has been very wrong with the swedes😂

  • Little did he know sweden would win their group

  • Well, he got Group A, B, C, F and almost D right but Group E, nah man!

  • Man said Sweden to come last in their group.. Bruh did you even watch the world cup 2018?

  • England are going to beat Germany at Wembley on Tuesday.

  • This man predicted so good

  • Lmao belgium dont gel

  • 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 Sweden the best f*cling team in the tournament

  • Damn. He got group A,B,C & F absolutely correct and almost perfected group D only to change it a bit at the last moment.

    • He got the position right in group f but the points is wrong

  • Sweden won the group cuh

  • sweden wowoowowowowowowowoowwowoowo #1 it's coming home!!!!!!!!!!

  • He was like 80% right, crazy. So far!!

  • He got 5 out of 6 groups correct... that's amazing :O

  • Just passing by to tell you Sweden won their group

  • Well never underestimate Sweden lmao

  • He got group f right too

  • Sweden won group E! And you want know a swedish person thats good ALEXANDER ISAK 🇸🇪

  • Nice Prediction omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He got most of it correct thats crazy

  • Hahahha sweden won their group

  • You predicted correct for group A, B, C en F ❤️

  • Vilka svenskar är här och skrattar åt att han tog Sverige sist nu😂

  • He got groups A, B, C and F right qnd made 1 wrong switch in group D, that's mad

  • People still taking shots at Simon for group E as if he didn’t predict the other five groups perfectly haha