Reacting to the Most Viewed YouTube Shorts Ever

Objavljeno 4. jun. 2021
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  • Bro baby shark video literally has 9billion views

  • 10:00 Logic has left the chat…

  • U shld do most weirdest things in the wrld w JJ

  • most of the videos was senseless

  • I’m a bit sad that Simon doesn’t know dental digest

  • what shirt is he wearing? junji itto?

  • Dan Rhodes videos are behind the scenes

  • “Why does he sound like morgz?” I got the exact same vibe

  • The umbrella that catches weirdos had me dead hahahahaha

  • At Dan Roads last one he dropped the strawberry

  • Simon: I need sex *goes into talias room*

  • How people who do not have 192M views in 3 weeks talk

  • That sausage in the pasta one wtf

  • All of the he read comments from where anime characters

  • dan is super fake

  • the bannana "toothbrush" isnt a toothbrush its a teething toy/thing for babys

  • the one with the twins from Russia, the girl they were helping was neymars sister

  • The end was sus

  • Hurry up and just get Dan Rhodes to teach sideman street magic for 2hr in 3teams then judge the three teams for a two min performance with cal and freezy for a sidemen Sunday :) :)

  • 0:50 callux is that you....

  • My man flexed on us with 2 128GB memory cards

  • watch good content-nah watch Russian twins do crappy videos- YEAAAA

  • And Simon Has 476k Views 1 week Ago😀

  • Got here from a minim shorts but how when he not doing it xD

  • Sick junji ito shirt

  • Dan sounds like Shrek

  • If I watch the rest of this video my IQ will lower I’m sorry I can’t

  • Barney giz 😳🤣🤣

  • I swear somebody can make a compilation of him saying what just happened and have 1000 parts

  • That dan guy act thing his expressions were like when my sister got a boyfriend

  • Simon they just buy views


  • Inaccurate list but cool.

  • Lmao 19:40 washing your hands with your feet

  • thanos shouldve erased this side of youtube

  • The point of Dan Rhodes is to show people how he does his tiktok magic

  • 19:50 "I need sex" - Miniminter

  • 19:50 then call talia, ez

  • God YT shorts is cancer

  • Can we talk about how nice Simon’s nose is No homo tho

  • Yes

  • Russian jedward 💀

  • I’m surprised klem family isn’t there sone of there has over 40 mil one has 200 mil

  • The SLnumber algorithm practically threw this at me for the past 2 days

  • children labor 3:42 ????????????????? she is just teachin him ffs

  • i also noticed the spit

  • Simon that rope trick is not how it’s done it’s what’s on the inside of the rope

  • Mate this guy brushing his teeth is a dentist.

  • Tiktok is cringe

  • Dan Rhodes? Lana Rhodes brother..

  • Lol

  • 19:45 hahah what did he say

  • 19:03 You notice now...

  • The static from the electricity causing friction is why the ring didn’t fall

  • 10:08 robbery bob

  • I didnt expect something to be cringier than tik tok .

  • Can you unban me in your chat Simon

  • Say goodbye to humanity lol

  • I realized Dan gets more money than live performance magicians, but you can only see what he shows and not the whole room. So he is not that talented but get more cash rip

  • that purple thingy in the toothbrush shorts is supposed to act as bacteria/plaque/germs and sh*t

  • Dan Rhods shows you how to do the trick that’s why you can see what he does

  • Twins form russia really gave me anxiety 🙂 they are so cringe

  • i lost to many brain cell watching this

  • Nobody: Simon: *Bro he’s so goated*

  • So, no one is going to point out the fact that he said "I need sex" at the end of the video lmao

  • nah mate, youtube didnt turn into tiktok, i think its even worse than tiktok.....

  • 3:16 that mum is fitttttt

  • me when simon says he needs sex: same brother only you have a choice

  • Credit to ya boy ali-a

  • 19:46 it does

  • 12:05 languaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage

  • How don’t u get the pasta and sausage one?

  • I'm sure that number 9, sticky, do full live streams of them making the candy start to finish they start massive and roll them thin, they make shape inside them it's a relaxing watch

  • He's reacted to youtube shorts Now he needs to react to 'MR BEAST' shorts

  • Those twins where crap 💩

  • I'm still wondering how Simon got the memory card from his desk to his ear.

  • Every guy in 2020 19:51

  • Simon just to clear up the rope trick isnt done like that

  • y is this man always confused when its no sdmn vids😂

  • can you please do more

  • Dont dis dental digest

  • How can watching a dentist be so interesting

  • Dan shows his behind the scenes, to the TikTok you cant see the cards

  • I can’t physically watch the twins from Russia them make me cringe to hard

  • 2:31 can someone tell me the song please

  • these shorts make me understand why people become murderers i literally wanna murder half of these ppl

  • That was Kira lol Simon: Is that Kira?? Us: Yes Simon, yes it is Kira.😹

  • Those twins are cringe


  • Russian jedwood got meeee

  • The one with the candy is a place in Australia, you can find them on tik tok

  • I have seen all of them 😂

  • Nah lol you need toothpaste to neutralize the acids on your teeth due to the food you eat. It also generally contains fluoride that strengthens and remineralises your enamel forming fluorhydroxyapatite which is more resistant to acids.

  • 3:15 in my country we just throw slippers on spiders 😂

  • Dawg that junji ito shirt

  • you talk to much

  • Simon really pulled a harry when doing his magic trick

  • Someone should let him know that you dont click on the video, you just scroll and that show it gets so many views

  • Yeah Void had a couple things to say about the shorts