Objavljeno 2. jun. 2021
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  • So 2 MOTM = 0 MOTM?

  • Niko Vs randy is the biggest beef this year

  • pie

  • I really think these guys should try and win div 1 there actually class

  • SLnumber getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads

  • Yo I was the guy u played against when u beat us 2-0 and we got a red the game started on 5 mins gg guys

  • Do people actually find Niko funny?

  • There’s been almost 100,000 votes yet only 22,000 likes. Cmon people

  • pieface is so nice man

  • Can we still vote niko out

  • Niko is the best

  • How tf is Randolph beating pie on the vote

  • It’s funny how they all having a laugh while pieface treating it like a champs game 😂😂

  • It would be only right if niko got 5th place

  • can i still vote niko off

  • Niko ftw

  • Honestly I keep voting to keep niko, just for the NDL

  • 2:23 Spencer: “ahh mate, div 8 is no joke” had me in tears🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Man doesn’t watch football out here in Toronto and I don’t play fifa either but this series is jokess fam

  • Why are people keeping niko in this tournament he's a tool

  • I love niko but GET HIM OUT😂hes doing the others real dirty😂

  • vote for Pieface

  • Ngl i cant watch this at all. I find nico annoying and unpleasant to see every episode. I beg he gets out.

  • Did anyone else hear the moan at 2:28

  • Tainted series

  • I just wanna say, I wanted to vote for Reev but it wouldn’t let me. So I’m officially calling last weeks vote rigged and set up for Niko to win 😂😂😂

  • Niko is definitely making a video out of this ‘How I scammed the lanky Miniminer out of 50k in FIFA’

  • I’m telling you Niko isn’t playing

  • how is pie losing?

  • Preface better win

    • Just because he is a kid you want him to win

  • Niko shouldn’t still be here haha but fair play

  • Niko, our Supreme leader has to win

  • Bro this is a mad vote. Made it difficult

  • Gheez you’re getting old g

  • Pieface is losing the vote wtf how I thought him and niko were the 2 best

  • Press read more Btw I'm annoying Hi respect if you made it this far

  • Why is Randolph winning quite comfortably on this and by a landslide on the public post. Some people don’t know culture

  • Wait Randy had a stinker but, he's winning the poll...

  • Here's how I fleeced Miniminter for 50k. I can't wait for this vid on Niko's channel.

  • 3:34 XD 7:49 MAN FULLY TAUNTED AS WELL 9:42 LMAO ONLY 1 Randy did so well last episode. Unlucky. Post and red-timed. 2 assists though

  • Who is Nash? Why is he there?

  • how tf did nash get motm AHAHAH

  • Praying for Randolph, the most consistent performer in the competition!

  • niko at the end of big bro club: i pranked the big brother club by having hashtag harry to play for me

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  • Looks like pieface is out⬇️

  • why did niko play really good today

  • Vote neeko out so he gets 5th place again

  • oink

  • 🤡

  • keep pie in

  • Please get pieface out of this series please, hes the worst

  • The only reason why it's called the Big Brother Clubs is that it qualifies as a BBC (according to Niko at least).

  • Lol nico was lowkey ruining the series

  • Randy's been the best player the whole series, he deserves to stay.

  • Is that a smudge bottom right of simons webcam or am I trippin

  • Niko man of the match performance

  • Up the pie keep him in

  • We may aswell give niko the money now tbh

  • You can’t blame it on Randolph it’s his brothers fault!!!

  • Guys let make it 50 - 50 and we will let them stay !

  • Is nobody going to mention that it says bbc🤣🤣

  • Can’t get pie out cmon

  • Randys been the best player of the series so far hopefully we can keep him in

  • Randy v Pie battle of the big boys

  • Ndl

  • Unfortunately the wheel of names picked pieface

  • It’s 50|50 @⏰

  • It was exactly 50/50 when i voted this will be so close

  • You know what, Niko was great this week and still funny, who would’ve thought?? Crazy I know

  • can you please try out little nightmares when your done with streamer life

  • Actually do a wildcard entry and bring a player back who is eliminated

  • 5 back in proclubs 😂😂

  • React to the niko for mayor video

  • I think pie should stay cause he was playing good football

  • Spencer is really underrated.

  • it’s 50/50 rn jesus

  • i beg they get niko for sidemen fc

  • For me its between Spencer or Niko could be the winner

  • Come on guys we gotta vote for Randy, if he gets man of the match next episode, he may afford a new screen😂

  • We need to eliminate Niko 🙃

  • zero rainbow flicks? nah nikos got someone to playing for him

  • I get that Niko is still in it cause of bants but can we agree to keep him till finals and vote the other person as the winner so that Niko dosent get the money LOL

  • Dislike for niko staying

  • I think it’s less fun when you know Niko’s gonna win but that’s just me.

  • If spencer gets booted out i shall not be happy.

  • How do you chose between Randolph and pie🥺

  • Better save randy! I like pie too but he has breaddddd

  • He eats Ox He has a box But most importantly, He beat Lawrence Fox

  • Vote pie to stay

  • Kinda dead that Reev got out. Its ruining the series with Niko staying in

  • Better vote for Randolph

  • NDL

  • 1:30 that's a lot of simon

  • Probably the easiest 50k anyone's ever made in their life

  • Niko is funny, but Reev getting voted out is just Niko stans doing their thing

  • ahhhhhhhhh this is so hard to vote

  • Pie had a class preformance

  • Bye Randolph it is like a frog against Zeus

  • come on randy!!!!