Objavljeno 11. maj. 2021
PlayStation invited me and Talia to go head-to-head on the new Sackboy™️: A Big Adventure Knit-Speedrun Challenge on PS5 😂

The new Challenges let you take on a global leaderboard with great prizes up for grabs the better you do, plus you can see where you rank against me and your mates 👀

Head to the comments to show me your best times 🙌
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  • some 6 y old chinese speerunner watching this be like: *pathetic*

  • 25.565

  • You should have put vs willne

  • After watching the fastest finish (24 secs) I feel bad that they're missing so many shortcuts 😂

  • Simon gets paid to fake scream awkwardly

  • anyone else just seen the add

  • This is a fuck all game

  • 30 secs 😏

  • I swear the sponserd games are always so bad

  • Simon supporting Talia was so cute but also the most halarious thing 😂

  • Do this with JJ

  • That was fun to watch! I managed to do the challenge in 33 seconds. If you need any tips. I have a video of it on my channel. Also you should really try little Big Planet 3. 👍🙂

    • I tried it when it was free but there were like 5 ppl on so I quit

    • He did but I realized it was 5 to 4 years ago

  • You doing ads to promote you videos ? Came from the youtube ad

  • Simon got some yt ads now yeah?

  • why'd i get an ad for this lmaoo

  • They should pay Cuphead together

  • Just watching a random ASMR video, I hear the PlayStation sound and think, oh, is there a new game I haven’t heard of yet. Low and behold i see Simon with a TGF hoodie and Talia next to him. I dont need to sleep now, I’m here for the content.

  • Talia has been replaced with a girlfriend robot

  • Getting your girlfriend in vids like this is w stretch on just tryna get a fit girl in the thumbnail

  • Playstation collabs. Big ups

  • 6:48 Why did I find that cute?

  • Have you eaten ur steak

  • Talia is so adorable in this video😍

  • Top Ten :)

  • Is this free to play?

  • 47 seconds

  • Should play Resident Evil village, would be a sick playthrough

  • Why does she look like a Korean in this vid 🧐

  • Imagine what KSI is thinking is going on from another room

  • 1:55 their synced scream is so good😂

  • I like how Simon's so supportive even tough he knows he will have to pay for food if he looses

  • :D


  • I feel so bad for Talia you can see the pain in her expressions 😭

  • my best time was 58.42

  • Talia

  • Please play this with JJ. We want to see him break something !!!!! 🤣

  • Not little big planet 😭😭🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Simons trying to be supportive but talua just keeps turning herself down LMAO

  • The conversation afterwards be like: Talia: “Am I actually paying for your lunch or...” Simon: “Well yeaa you think I’m a fraud?”

  • I love when they ply together I got invested hard core in y’all’s last one haha

  • I appreciate how simon went an extra mile for the burger part.

  • It was very very hard

  • I got to rank 34

  • LMAO, that Outro was GOATED!!!

  • To Everyone that might come across this Comment at anytime May God Bless You and Your Family In Jesus Name I Pray Amen😇🙏🏾💕

  • Can you make streamer life simulator

  • Simon cheering on Talia, wholesome af

  • They both are the best

  • that smile on the start frame... so real

  • 4:37 simp😔

  • 2:00 now we know what Simon sounds like when his getting pegged.

  • Its like man in pot game

  • Fun fact: my dad used to be the third highest person when working for GBK before leaving for Prezzo when they almost went down

  • Childish hoodie tho

  • Hi its me CookiestMonsterr

  • Doesn’t it kinda looked like they smashed and then she got ready then they filmed

  • The synchronised screaming at 1:53 hahaha

  • 4:15 shush

  • I meant 29 seconds

  • My time was 29 minutes

  • The anger in that “Shhhh” from Talia is unrivalled😂

  • 1:55 the sync tho

  • Ya know I got an easy 15 secs, easy claps

  • This might be the sounds that JJ was talking about 😂

  • hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  • 4head MAD

  • Aww Talia finally lookin cute :)

  • The end bit was way too funny for me 🤣

  • Should've seen one of the fastest one.. they use a totally unorthodox route 😂

  • Simon: “I’m actually smashing it. Right after. Simon: Dies

  • Simon finishes in a minute and Talia never finishes. Makes sense to be honest.

  • Pls bring Talia in your streamer life simulator to design one of the 🏠

  • They are great partners

  • Video with Talia, description all sidemen links :D

  • I hope I can get a PS5 someday 🥺

  • Damn talia is lucky, simon's so supportive 😂👌

  • It hurts knowing this isn’t called little big planet anymore 😞

  • I really want to try it now 🤩 it worked 😉😊 looks like so much fun

  • Talia's looking mad good yk

  • shush ya mush

  • simon chanting for talia is so funny

  • Talia and Simon are a perfect couple

  • This is lowkey one of the best videos they have recorded together

  • I like the sideman channel

  • 9:37 best part of the video

  • P

  • Hi Simon Love your videos

  • Yay! Love these man

  • Don’t sing clean up it’s haram fam 😂

  • I am early

  • Talia looks a bit different

  • Do not wear headphones watching this video especially during 7:02

  • If you’re reading the comments before watching the video for whatever reason just know that Simon makes some mad noises so I wouldn’t recommend having the volume loud

    • I made the mistake of doing just that but in the bathroom lmaooooo

  • Streamer Life Simulator Thats all I say

  • Simon: "...and you guys can do it as well" *Sad wii console players noises*

  • I feel like everyone should rewatch this video watching just Talia's expressions

    • @Cookie Monster only a creep would think that it is creepy to just watch weird facial expressions

    • @Cookie Monster i get what youre tryna say, but if it was a man you wouldn’t say this, literally just pointing out weird expressions, thats it

    • @Cookie Monster How is it a creep to see someone make strange expressions?

    • Creep


  • I wonder how Simon feels after hearing talia's scream constantly

    • I mean it's not like he doesn't makes her scream his name every night

    • Imagine JJ just chilling in his room and just hears that😭😭 would be mad

    • he probably hears it every night

  • “ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ !!!!”