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  • Do a sidemen reacts of this

  • the storage room bigger than my front room

  • If you had 20 kids then you could live in this house

  • I'm sure he's a nice guy but that guy Trump

  • there could be 10 robbers all at the same time , robbing the house and not once they would come across each other , and even after that , you wouldn't be able to even tell that you were robbed at all

  • Simon needs to make A reacting channel

  • Here's the thing with rich people: They might know how to make money... but they have absolutely NO CLUE how to spend that money😂

  • There is an estate in Scotland which is 165,000 acres😏

  • Let’s get him a bigger house ☝️

  • The debt for this house forecloses at the end of 2021 at the value of a couple hundred million. Nile is a broken man. Kind of feel sorry for him. Addiction, debt, lust and desire have got the better of him and it’s just sad to see a man fall down

  • Simon’s commentary during this reaction is beyond elite and ridiculously funny 😂. GG

  • I wonder what happens when it rains and the sun tan beds just be out there drenched and the tv area too 🤔

  • isnt that the wish house now?

  • Sidemen hide and seek?

  • How is this the biggest house in the world. The biggest one is in india and its most expensive too, Its like 27 floors.

  • My house 300

  • Imagine watching the euros and World Cup on that cinema tv with the boys

  • If you live in a house like that you’re set for life ah a man can only dream

  • Zoro definetly couldnt live here

  • sidemen hide and seek in worlds biggest house like if u agree

  • bro Cody kos one was funnier toh lol

  • Sidemen house in 2025

  • A

  • they should react to this on sidemen reacts

  • you know how rich this guy is when he doesnt even smoke and has a cigar room 😭😭

  • Gta at its finest

  • Simon:I don’t even have 20 friends His friends:oh then I’m your girlfriend

  • Michel has more style than the house

  • If we find 5000 people spending 100k we will get this house

  • do a sidemen hide and seek

  • I could literally live in this house for 10 years and the owner wouldn’t even notice

  • imagine the parties you give here

  • hide and seek in that mansion would suck for the seeker lmao

  • if you ever wanna feel rich while watching something instead of saying bed or water say a random made up word then the object it works very well

  • One thing on The Sidemen's Bucket list - Do a hide and seek in this place

  • Sidemen hide and seek in the biggest house in the world

  • Let me set the scene... Lock-down is over and the sidemen invade the States. They get this crib , split it into seven areas and each push amd do a live feed of each member doing their best to hype up their crowd.

  • Yes

  • I believe a powder room is just a toilet and sink, so it has no bathtub or shower.

  • Too bad it’s in Cali

  • Looks like Avengers Hq

  • Imagine the WiFi speed/ cost in this house you'll need so many WiFi extenders

  • Sidemen hide and seek?

  • Americans say we’re posh. They say ‘powder rooms’ but we just call it a ‘bog’ 😂😂


  • Play hide n seek with the sidemen there would be a great video

  • Sidemen Holiday: biggest house vs smallest house!

  • I saw u look down to see his name u aint slik but u wish u was right?

  • And remember everybody people don’t have a home to live in

  • bro chill axe mini this guy keeps saying negative things bro lol

  • New sidemen house 2022

  • pls part 2

  • 19 miles of house, goddamn

  • I swear this is bigger than my neighborhood😂😭😂

  • Simon: I don't even have 20 friends Me and the millions that watched his chanel grow: I thought we were friends:(

  • 2022 New sidemen house. That would be epic!

  • Sidmen hide and seek in the one

  • Sidemen hide and seek there tho 😂😂😂

  • Called a cigar lounge

  • I'm walking on grass.

  • Insomniac please make this place a Call of duty location

  • you can't tell me i'm the only one feeling poor right now

  • What whould happen if it rains?!!

  • One earthquake.

  • Hahaha the David attenbourgh impression 9:05

  • I love how Cody Ko absolutely trashed the owner in his video while Simon seems to admire him

  • Why the fuck someone spends so much money in something that wont be fully used. That money could ve been used to help so many people

  • 100000feet = a lot of simons

  • This should be the new sidemen house

  • Sidemen hide and seek in the worlds largest house?

  • Hide and seek in $500,000,000 worlds biggest house house???

  • Imagine a hide and seek video there, with JJ seeking, it's gonna take ages.

  • You could have a pool party for all your kids

  • Hide and seek

  • You should react to Jeffery stars new house

  • I don't like it it's too hotelly for me,it has no character

  • The next sidemen house

  • I don’t think i’d even walk around with clothes on at that point, no one is looking in there😂

  • You need to watch the video after this where Michael interviewed him. This guy is broke and delusional, one of the funniest interviews you will ever see.

  • Next SDMN house?

  • Broo don't be jealous

  • jeff bezos could buy that house 380,000 times

  • I’ll be your friend

  • sidemen holiday?

  • Sidemen collab with Faze for a holiday to "The One"? Come on Simon, you know that would absolutely bang

  • Watch part 2

  • Hide and seek in this house would bang

  • When it rains imma be sorry for this guy

  • Sidemen Hide and Seek! 👀

  • Hide n seek there would be lite

  • he lives there lmao


  • sidemen hide and seek??

  • That Naille guy is being chased by banks and investors and this house is close to foreclosure. He doesn't own the house. It's for sale for $340 million and nobody is buying. You can read about it on Google. He's got more mansions for sale at ridiculous prices and they're not selling either because all he does is party. He's in debt for 110 million on this house alone.😂

  • Sidemen hide and seek

  • How is every uk SLnumberr gonna diss hull. Js, there's worse places 😅

  • My guy hull is a good place and it’s not Ik you we’re being sarcastic but big up hull and Simon love the content

  • Simon's probably the only SLnumberr that gave a positive feedback about this house....

  • If you make it into that house for a party, you are not watching TV Simon.

  • This house is meant to hold the Emmy and Golden Globes after parties.