I Livestreamed For 24 Hours

Objavljeno 31. maj. 2021
How do we end this series?

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  • do an episode where you grind for 1 mill

  • Can someone help me out, how do I get to the streamer skills so I can spend crowns and upgrade things? Thanks

  • Decorate all the houses, have Talia decorate one, but make sure there all different

  • Good times. This is the last video. Dang it. I searched up miniminter streamer life simulator series and I watched all of them. This is the last one. Love it

  • Make all sidemens setups

  • The fact he don’t still understand the game of higher or lower to me is insane he obviously don’t understand what the ace stands for and it or the jacks queens and kings lmao 😂 it makes me lol so hard like come on guy

  • For the culture you have to stream csgo now

  • U should see how many miners u can get in your van for a video

  • Make a bitcoin mine house

  • Detective simulator

  • Play streamer daily

  • Hey Simon since you are getting bored of Streamer Life simulator I have know a cool game you can play called INSIDE, you can download it on steam and I think it would make a good series.

  • play undertale plz

  • play counter strike for rea

  • 6:51 lmao too funny 'i've sinned forgive me'

  • This game is basically living like JJ

  • simon please play trader life simulator

  • Get 1 mil cash

  • Can u hunt lucas next time

  • Plsss winter survival simulator

  • At 6:43 Simon claps at the same time as the toxicity goes down

  • 4:16 talia can vouch for that😂😂

  • Maybe for the last episode you should stream until you pass away

  • he lost the grey car rip

  • Zorn hub 😜

  • Hhhoiiiiiiiiii

  • The legendary series, returns. and ends ;(

  • Buy every dog

  • start playing gta online with the sidemen with new accounts

  • i really enjoy these vids keep it up

  • Decorate all the houses

  • Finish It By Buying All The Dawgies And Stream With Them In The Room

  • But every dog

  • Shift to the big house .

  • play actual csgo i dare you

  • play valorant

  • Do another gas station vid

  • The silver car was parked in the house opposite the purple house and people started kicking it so look around that town

  • Just play actual Counter Strike now, or preferably Valorant

  • You should end it with a mil in the bank

  • get hacked by lucas

  • Try getting all the steam achievements!!

  • Do career mode managing Layton Orient and bring them to the top.

  • Buy every dog

  • i hate this game and series

  • Start posting on zorn hub

  • Watch zorn hud on it

  • What about moving to the house before the final one?

  • Play drug dealer simulator

  • Increase the quality of the streams to 4k or something

  • Internet cafe

  • you should renovate ur other houses or maybe just the best one

  • Do a steam where you play every game

  • this was such a fun series, sad it's coming to an end but happy i was here for the ride. respect my g

  • Buy all the dogs and make a dedicated house for them all

  • Can you please show us the other games like the FIFA one


  • And i didn't get a notification about this video for 24 hours (Love yt notifications)

  • Play Drug dealer sim

  • do your house up!!!

  • Decorate a house with the most expensive things then fill it all with pets

  • Not ending until i found my car

  • car mechanic sim?

  • You and the boys should try out grounded . Survival game. Great content

  • btw the 'BMW thing' is a Porsche Macan

  • Track down Lucas i dont know how but its possible

  • Make streaming setups in all the houses

  • Wait until the love update

  • Watch zone hib

  • Beat up a policemen next time and see what happens

  • Try making a mill

  • find P.Lucas on the map

  • buy all dogs plz

  • Play Drug Dealer Simulator

  • But all the pets

  • I remember watching this

  • Is the car at the starting house on the hill

  • You should try playing farming simulator!

  • Drink the green soda fam, that gives loads of energy!

  • how about u gamble 100k or get the highest rank in the terrorist game

  • Heel bertie

  • When are you going to make another episode of the gas station game?

  • Play drug dealer simulator


  • Simon I have 3 nipples on my back

  • what is the game called?

  • Plz try zorn hub

  • restart the game and try to make bank as fast as u can

  • You should play drug dealer simulator

  • God loves you so do i

  • Can you try speed running in it

  • Who ever sees this series you are bored and want to see what it was like in the old days

  • Maybe try to do the longest livestream possible

  • Become a millionaire

  • You should try to get a million followers

  • play a diferent game

  • U should play through the new hitman game

  • Damn, cyberpunk has changed

  • Zorn hub 😂