TikTok's Best Magic Tricks

Objavljeno 7. jun. 2021
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  • 4:20 and now kids you don't have to do psychodellics

  • The illusion just made everything blurry on my hand nothing moved

  • The coffee one he put a small sponges inside

  • Bro Jeromy Georgie I had put it below you

  • 7:28 its actually a real trick you should try it.

  • Try that trick on JJ please

  • The Oreo one is with a marshmallow

  • The one mind reading one Simon did mine was actually 0 😂

  • They are actors lol

  • Anyone else clicked on this because you thought it was a sidemen reacts?

  • I was actually thinking of zero wtf

  • more plz

  • palm thing didnt work on me

  • @MM7Games he cleared out the original oreo and its cream and just held a marshmellow there. (6:22)

  • What we learned today: Simon didn't get his Hogwarts letter and is mad about it

  • The Oreo is a marshmallow with the biscuit

  • 2:40 the reason its a big bag is because of the brush itself. its just a foldable mop

  • You should do a video reaching to loads of Zak kings vids

  • Hey

  • The oreo one isn't fake it just they took out the cream and put marshmallow in it

  • 8:23

  • Theeeee miniminter is getting beaten to 10 mil by a 16 year old

  • Alot of Zac king's new stuff is illusions

  • Dymamo is a pretty good magician

  • the oreo one replaces the cream with a marshmallow

  • the oreo one was that they replaced the cream with a marshmallow

  • dude react to Daniel Fernandez

  • The oreo one is a marshmello

  • 9:48 he got it right 😭

  • We didn’t see the edit at the beginning

  • I’m the magic sword the sword turn counterclockwise too fast for the naked eye to see so it looks like it teleports

  • The Oreo one has a marshmallow in it

  • for the magic sword it goes around anticlockwise so fast that it looks like it goes clockwise

  • Omg got zero at the end because I started with 16

  • Simon the Oreo one is marshmallow

  • 6:07 he uses a marshmallow and when he blows on the Oreo he releases a bit of pressure. This way it looks like there is more stuffing in the oreo

  • Blood of jesus

  • You should watch seandoesmagic. He’s one of my favorite magicians on tik tok

  • 5:15 it goes around the other way its just fast

  • its a marshmallow in an Oreo

  • Yo simon is actually pretty sharp

  • the oreos one had a massive marshmallow in the middle, which was compressed and expanded

  • A marshmallow in the Oreo as cream then he slowly let’s it rise

  • the oreo has a marshmallow in it

  • The Oreo cream expanding is a marshmallow

  • All I could think of at the start is HERE WE GOH

  • that app hurts my brain

  • What best of zach king.

  • it was a marshmallow

  • For the card 1 I got 11

  • I love Simon and his vids but man his thumbnails are clapped

  • 8:40 Olajide is 7 letters

  • I’d love to see Simon just reacting to Zack kings tiktok 😂

  • He actually got the same number as me I said ten lol

  • Miniminter the oreo trick is edible. He used two oreos and one marshmallow. How to do the trick put the marshmallow between the oreos and push the marshmallow flat, relase presure to make the marshmallow bigger👍

  • 9:40 My original number was 2 And my final number was 0 How did you do that

  • How did he know I was thinking zero

  • Coffe one he used a sponge

  • is it weird how he actually got the number that i got? 9:50

  • 6:35 it's just a marshmallow

  • more zack king

  • the oreo thing is a marshmallow

  • Zach is the best entertainer no matter if its not magic !💖

  • Didn't know mm7games is areaction channel now😂

  • The magic trick where he created a random sequence of adding and subtracting he actually got the number I had like wth I started with 5 and ended up with 0 so added on 5+2=7 7-6=1 1+4=5 5-5=0 like srsly wth how 😂 I chose 5 cuz that’s my lucky number

  • The Oreo one is marshmallow if I’m not wrong

  • why did it look so real

  • Skiniminter

  • The Oreo cream was a marshmallow

  • the fella w the oreo trick, i've seen that all over the place, all he done was he had some sort of v squishy and light weight ball that is white, and pretty much made it look like he had an oreo by squishing the 2 biscuit parts w that ball n then all he did was lose pressure on his fingers to make the oreo seem bigger, that trick is pretty much leaked everywhere

  • It’s a marshmallow not a fake oreo

  • For the Oreo magic trick they use a marshmallow

  • Tommy has passed ya m8. Your all washed up

  • Pls react to "SeanDoesMagic"

  • He has a marsmello in the oreo

  • The Broom Trick Was A Foldable Broom

  • Zack king Harry poter trick he had a green screen

  • i can literally expose all of them lmao

  • 0:47 theres a sponge at the bottom '-'

  • You should react to Darcy Oake!

  • 1:24 that his brother channel lol OMG

  • 1:24 that his brother channel lol OMG

  • Who else restarted the video like 5 times to see if simon actually did the trick

  • Magic Sword goes the other way around but fast af

  • The oreo one is a marshallow in the middle

  • React to zac king

  • Goubtube is the guys Instagram the ones with the brushes and Mops coming out the McDonald’s bags and they are all actors and actress’

  • The unlimited Oreo trick is a marshmallow

  • I don't care what any says but Simon is a true goat when reacting to videos !

  • The intro😂😂

  • The magic sword one, it just rotates very fast counter clockwise that your eyes can’t catch the movement that you think it went thru the toothpick

  • 9

  • I gotta watch this after school , I’ll be back 🙌🏽✅ (I’m back :).


  • You should react to the Asian magic spoilers

  • Simon:here's a pen *my brain*:here's an apple

  • Oreo uses a marshmallow

  • anything luca galone does is fake and its pretty sad

  • The Oreo one was a marshmallow

  • The Oreo one is marshmallows