LIGUE 1 TOTS! MBAPPE? NEYMAR? (The Henry Theory #79) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Objavljeno 5. jun. 2021
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  • MLS 🤩🤩


  • now i remember why i stopped watching, the whining and overreacting is insane

  • I love how his team icon is a south african team kaizer chiefs

  • simon why do you quit so early if they score? is there a reason? im confused

    • Yea me too I don’t understand

  • You don't know what a tifo is ? Jeez

  • That rule of 1 goal and quit is such a snowflake fifa rule.i don't play the game to have 3 minutes of a game

  • ‘ligue UUUUNNNNHHHH’ love it😂😂

  • Man is loosing to tommiy innit

  • i love how miniminter blurs out the thumbnail, everyone who sees it knows its mbappe

  • I haven’t seen one of these since episode 34

  • 5:50 W2S

  • call me old fashioned but i remember when FUT was about playing people online, not everyone quitting after every goal....

  • cheeky lil keylor navas pop em in a nani sbc

  • Simon packs bonucci „We never complain about an 85“ Simon packs icardi „85, am I happy? No“

  • Remember when right in the start he said ”i have to change the name Leicester Fc”. Well, we’re still waiting

  • do the 92+ attacker pp its a player pick so u get to choose 1 of 3. so much better then the other one

  • Dude henry st 2 cam’s cantona and viera and keep matthaus where he is sell zidane and buy some mad LM

  • The game is dead cause of players like you

  • 8:25 Simon saying bollocks is the best thing 😭😂

  • do a monnents i can't spell so jk i'm doing this for a joke

  • im done watching this series cuz i just get mad seeing him pack all this stuff when i spent 200k fifa points on team of the seasons and the best i got was neymar reg, few trash team of the seasons which i used for sbc, and i packed rafa out of a two player pack

  • i wish i had tots di maria

  • That sick montage music is x-treme if any1 wants it

  • 9:12 No the reason the game is dead is because people cry when you don't quit after 1 goal.

  • Already know this video is going to be a banger

  • Do the 93+ prime moments instead you already have more than enough good attacking prime players

  • Simon should do the icon moments pack, 84x20 and icon moments pick

  • NavASS


  • Simon needs to make player career

  • 4:44 what the heck are those positions? De Jong at st? Suarez at cm?

  • I got tots navas in a 2 rare player pack or a 2 75+ players pack cant remember i was so lucky. Also the tots sviatchenko is a danish player from the Superliga, their team nearly won the Superliga this year, but my fav team won with 1 point over them in the last game of the season.

  • 93+ moments pick pls🙃

  • The onuachu player was in w2s's video in fifa 14 of the worst team

  • You are somewhat right Simon, if someone scores against me in icon swaps and they pause before I even get a chance to, I refuse to leave. If not, I always leave. People need some chill in this game.

  • *Attacker and let Danny Aarons open it*

  • Danny Aaron’s on this series would be class 😂👏

  • Wrong card simon

  • I did the moments Icon pack for 5 players and got prime moments Eto

  • A cheeky red calord navas put him the nani SBC

  • when is simon going to continue with the unpacking series?

  • ✤ Let's pray for those children who lost both of their parents to Covid-19. They are Real Star (★)✨

  • how do you not know what a tifo is hahahaha

  • I packed tots mbappe in a prime electrum players pack he's op

  • Simon is like Real Madrid 3 years ago when talking about navas

  • Why does everyone expect people to quit just because the opponent scores that takes the fun out of it. I play FIFA to play a full game not quit after one goal.

  • Where did he get tots mbappe?

  • Bro Simon why would you talk bad about navas you don’t even have a chem style


  • We need a new person on the series such as Danny aarons, has anyone recognised that simon wears the same football on the series, Simon I think take the 92 icon pack with the attacker

  • "Ligue UuUuUnN."

  • NDL

  • Whoever is reading this, God has plan , trust the process✝️

  • I think as soon as he said stinky tots EA heard him and just decided to dish out crap packs

  • Packed moments Henry from rare mega😁😁

  • Imagine if the video thumbnail wasn’t clickbate, wouldn’t be the same

  • Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TEAM OF THE SEASON MESSI!!!

  • love the content keep up the goooood work

  • Why do people have to leave I’m confused

  • At this point it’s SMT- simons money team 😅😂

  • My man minter representing kaizer chiefs👍🤣🤣💪

  • 92 attacker pack

  • Blaming people who still play for the death of the game like its not EA making the game horrible to play

  • Does anyone remember when this series actually had rules about how many packs Simon would open ME NEITHER

    • @ZombieH 007 Probably has fun at four year olds' birthday parties 🎉🎉😎😎😎

    • @ZombieH 007 😂

    • @ZombieH 007 ❌🧢

    • Bet ur fun at parties

  • Is it just me or am i getting ocd of him using a poland shirt

  • Anyone else just watch for the packs at this point?

  • No one: Me: oooh cool Ligue1 tots Simon Minter: LIGUE UHHNN 0:22


  • Did he not know he should have picked red navas so he could sell the other one and get 150k

  • Why didnt he open the ligue 1 tots at the beginning? He couldve used him the entire episode lol

  • 3:27 we’ve all been there lmao

  • Every vid is just a pack opening🤣

  • Hhhhh

  • Remember when we had guests on here

  • Looool everyone just saying his pack luck is amazing cause of the title they haven’t even seen the video🤣

  • MBAPPE ? NEYMAR ? No Yilmaz (x2) !

  • Defo do not pause for people. If you pause for me I will shithouse the full game. I can lose 8-1 and still stay. Don’t be a prick and pause it for me

  • Yes Raul!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just saying the Nigerian guy is 6"7

  • One day I will be the biggest artist in the music industry...manifest 💯🐐🎶👀

  • Please do the objectives lanzini

  • Sviatcehenko danish league

  • A TIFO is a customizable thing you can add to ur stadium

  • I'm going to comment this on every episode til the series ends "LEAGUE O' FIGO" FOR FIFA 22 Also Onucachu that TOTS ST you got is 6'7 so maybe you can chuck him in cor crosses. The chem probably sucks though

  • Simon please tell us if you have done Maestro Kimpembe objective

  • Simon:u can never be sad with an 85 Next minute:ahh icardi 85

  • 84th comment please like

  • Where are they doe 😂

  • Every Miniminter Vlog was a banger back in the day. He should try one out for his main channel with Talia, Jj and the rest of guys whenever they meet. Easy 10mil before tommy

    • @MM7Games we love you bro ❤️

    • I'm so busy nowadays it's hard to find time to pick up a camera and make an interesting vlog!

    • @Ash26gg yeah true they are,i'd wish for vlogs aswell but i don't think they can fit them in their schedule.

    • @Hello There I was saying because the Sidemen are really busy now a days

    • @Ash26gg well he can,look at tommy doing vlogs(jumping out of planes,military traning,etc....)

  • I have never once liked Navas as a goalie, he's way to short and never saves anything, I never get gassed if I ever see or get his special cards.

  • This had just become MMT

  • Quickest 15 minutes of my life

  • hi again its me always so wonderful

  • My man really thought he would of gotten an assist from a pen

    • It did say that mbappe got an assist sooooo....

  • I have not watched the video yet. But if he actually gets mbappe i am convinced This is a EA account

  • Simon pls Collab with Danny aarons

  • Simon is still doing this series fair play

  • Cheers for the clickbait you prick.