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What else shall we do??
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  • not living for the bullterrier slander😭my dad literally has a bullterrier called bertie 🥺

  • this series is haram af rn jeez


  • I bet he watches ZornHub in his spare time

  • When your name is Xavier 😢

  • My guy said xavier ain’t it At least it ain’t my name😅🥲🥲

  • Talias the gf we all want shes so chill

  • Did Talia say “he said that up until he turned 23

  • Shoulda gone with Chesco for the dogs name short for franchesco or whatever

  • Should’ve called the dog bamford

  • Make a house for the dog

  • Play more streamer life sim please

  • Moreee


  • I stg my dog is called Bertie boo after Bertie basit

  • That my lit brother name is Xavier

  • My nanas dogs name is Bertie 😡😡

  • A DOG!!!!!!

  • I got a new dog on Saturday it’s a toy poodle but real

  • I almost unsubscribed after Simon dissed all cats

  • You click baited the fuck out of us 🤣🤣🤣

  • Talia really being more active on Simon channel than her own

  • Knew It was streamer life simulator from thumbnail

  • simon got mad at talia for picking green over and over when he literally did the same thing a few episodes ago

  • Yay my dream dog Doberman should have called is Zeus or shade

  • Wall hack is a cheat you can use in counter strika and it come with a surprise. Don't spoil the surprise guy, let him enjoy it.

  • Let talia furnish one of the houses

  • I have become very invested in this series and I don’t even know why 😂

  • Get a girlfriend

  • Don't end streamer life simulation If everything is easy make a million dollars

  • It’s not a terrible name 😔

  • Finally

  • Me:Sees a Streamer life simulator video Simon: 13 MINUTES

  • You should’ve called the dog Xavier like Talia said 😢

  • On god I got a dog food ad before this too... targeted advertising🤣🦃

  • Also just complete the game by buying everything

  • U should decorate the other houses

  • Pls just do the gas station sim

  • I always wondered what daphne did after the gang split up, guess we found out

  • Best series ever

  • What is talia wearing she looking like a kid

  • When you realise it then getting a dog in the game not irl...

  • Can you buy all the dogs?

  • i am personally insulted that talia mispronounced my name

  • Buy every dog and put them in the spare house

  • Talia be looking like she just landed a monstrous moonsault.

  • Make a clip of you walking to the fridge and then trying to pick it up lol

  • Nobody: Talia: You're greeeeeen 😂😂

  • Wallhack: you can see enemies through walls in counter strika

  • Get all the pets in the game

  • I swear this was the quickest 13 minutes of my life 😫

  • You should ply Internet cafe simulator 2

  • Am I the only one who thought it was Freya not talia 😂

  • Simon: ‘we just won $6000.. i mean its a not a lot but’ Me: *crying with £15 in my bank account*

  • Breed?

  • f you minimeter the clickbait was dirty

  • You didn’t need to click bait us haha we always waiting for this

  • I wanna see him organize his houses or buy everything idk just don't end the series. But the other series I think it was the gas station one, it's pretty good

  • Wow I got clickbaited

  • Now I’m excited for the gas station game

  • Ohh what a clickbait..!!!! i thought it would be jj.

  • i think the wall hack is for couter strika , but you can get banned from playing the game if you use it

  • This is exactly what we wanted. Well done Simon.

  • I hate clickbait

  • Did anyone else see the pet shop on the internet ?? Surly more stuff for Bertie on there

  • Hello Simon. Can you play Prison simulator, it is free on steam. It looks very nice!

  • I’m am utterly disappointed in you

  • MM7Games=clickbait

  • When You Wish It Wasn't Streamer Life Simulator

  • Get a girlfriend

  • Thumbnail looking like an advert from the 90's lol

  • lol

  • the clickbait is real

  • The wall back is for the shooting game and u see through walls

  • I have been baited

  • You should dedicate just one of your houses for dogs. Just buy as many dogs as possible and put them in one of the big houses 😂

  • Bruh he disrespecting the walter dogs

  • Get a talia in the game

  • 😭 aah maaaan

  • man u maid me think you actually got a dog

  • Yesssswwss

  • He finally gets a dog

  • Loool shade thrown at syndicate at 11:40 👀

  • I don't want this series to end :(

  • Did anyone else thought they were getting a real dog cuz of the title?

  • Yo kick dat dog out fam fucking annoying

  • Aaaahh.... Nice click bait

  • My dogs named Bertie lol

  • God bless spread the gospel

  • hi simon, i think it will be better if you changed your place to one of the flats, so you cant get robbed and that will be better in my opinion

  • He got me, from the tumbnail I tought he started another series where he owns a club or something..

  • How you live with talia

  • Get all the dogs

  • Think you should get the black German shepard

  • Finally!! Love the series Simon x

  • Sick video, keep it up Simon :)

  • Big dub

  • 11:57 talia after the recording

  • kill the dog

  • Does anyone else remember Simon’s dog Huxley or something. What happened to him?