Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021

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  • You guys should do anonymous voting, name it person x or Y. so the person who gets kicked out is random instead of the person with a smaller audience

  • I miss Pieface already :(

  • The Serie S

  • Not gonna lie, this is the best thing I’m watching on SLnumber rn, in isolation due to Covid being in my house so catching up on this series has been a real mood lifter, cheers guys.

  • The quack bobcat psychologically use because bird exceptionally continue off a beautiful pajama. overt, frightened frightening full fumbling functional cord

  • Eandolph outtt

  • rip nash

  • Next time this happens the votes should only count for half of the elimination criteria, other half can be the ratings so the lesser known creators can stay on for longer but i do realize since they wont garner as many views, it may still remain a popularity contest at the end

  • How tf did pie lose

  • Pro Clubs 101 if you wanna be an exploiting scumbag: Line it to your 5'4 black guy with red dreads and R1 cross to your 5'4 white guy with silver hair.

  • 11:23 I SAID IT AT THE SAME TIME AS HIM WHAT 12:19 LMAOOOOOO Surely a 3-1 vote would just auto a person off, right? I don't mind the viewer vote tho obviously

  • The thing is Randolph and Nash are the best 2

  • Niko and Randy in final

  • Save Nash!

  • You think any of them do the viewer votes too?

  • WOW

  • Nash was the MOTM not the worse player for sure 😂

  • Should have put this on the main channel

  • I did not know that Niko is actually half-decent at the game 😳

  • fam how did niko get man of the match hahah that's mental

  • How is Niko still surviving this!

  • How is Niko still in?

  • Did Randolph ruin it for anyone else

  • I want niko to win

  • Sv2hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Spencer is actually so funny 😂

  • Nash leave

  • Can’t believe you all kept randy this entire thing is rigged

  • dont put niko in it again he is just gonna win it from the start

  • Get Danny Aaron’s on next time

  • RIP Nash, he should be the one who’s staying not Randolph

  • Randolph is taking Ws COME ON

  • Legend Nash 2020-2021 🙏

  • Where’s Niko’s rainbow flicks :(((

  • It's been a strong field this season

  • Poor nash. Currently he’s done out on the votes

  • 0:01 sus

  • Im sorry but Nash shouldnt be in the vote for elimintion... Niko deserved to be there with Randy in my opinion

  • Surprised to still be here but loving every minute of it!

  • Who noticed Cal the Dragon between the sticks?

  • NDL

  • No ones going to tell him it’s the semi final ?

  • Who tf voted for Randolph over Pie

  • Niko has fucked everyone this series😂😂

  • Imagine actually voting Randolph

  • Randy came in clutch doe

  • Intro kinda sus

  • Why is Niko actually really good haha

  • Vote for Nash

  • The volume always seems too low on simons videos lately

  • Strikers bias....

  • The most unfair series ever created we all knew niko will win it before it began

  • I think before the final there should be a public vote bringing back 2 people

  • spen needs to stay

  • It's not a good idea to put Niko in here. He just ruined the series

  • All I’m saying is.. niko and randy were the worst but they’ll be in the finals with spencer

  • Got an ad at 3:00. Was disappointed. Anticlimactic

  • Babatunde 😂😂😂

  • Tommyiniit surpassed you

  • Damn Nash played the best of the 4 and he's getting voted out

  • Niko’s off ball movement is elite

  • This is an easy dub for niko now

  • NDL

  • Loved this 🔥🔥🔥

  • Loved this lmao XD 😂😂😂

  • 12:29 😂😂😂


  • vote to keep Nash

  • Randys a gonner sorry bro

  • Timo Omilana*

  • 11:29 😂😂😂

  • 11:08 😂😂😂

  • Simon we need a behind the scenes of the what’s good podcasts

  • 1:47 😂😂😂

  • 181018th

  • At this rate I think Randolph is the only person who could challenge Niko when it comes to elimination

  • Get rid of Randolph man should have gone last week. He legit only gets votes cause he does a podcast with the don who runs the series. Annoying

  • Lol quarterfinal top 8, simifinal top 4

  • Get Jezza or Billy for next season

  • the vote is unfair to nash

  • Spencer winning this

  • Already know it’ll be Spencer and Niko in the final and we already know who all the 12 year olds are gonna vote

    • The final isn't done based on vote. Apparently you didn't watch last year

    • @fergus andrews it's not that deep lmao, also niko makes it like 10 times funnier than it is already, just enjoyy the game,it's for views anyway

  • how you lot gonna vote for randolph pie is such a nice guy and so funny

  • these videos are fun and way better than other FIFA content but Nash is obviously the best every episode and Niko is obviously the worst so the "popularity contest" factor ruins the point of the eliminations

  • Nash has been robbed.. thought he was best player this episode 😂

  • Spencer a snake in the grass

  • Big Ed cringe video !

  • pls i beg nash stays in and wins he’s the best at fifa by miles

    • Think ur dreams are about to be shattered

  • How Niko has shithoused his way to this point is unbelievable

  • song when niko scored on 9:49 ?

  • Can’t just be me that really wants Spencer to win this

  • Where is the pole

  • Petition to get Niko out. So unfair at this point.

  • bye niko

  • How is Randolph winning wtf

  • When Nash played the best out of all off em

  • We all know niko is going to win because all what people vote for us stupidness

  • Doing this with fans could be a great series

  • RIP pieface u will be missed 😭

  • Vote by ability, not by popularity smh 🙄🙄🙄