The End Of Streamer Life Simulator?

Objavljeno 16. maj. 2021
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  • "Oh thats stuck, Theres a pole in ya bruh" refrence tooooo…..

  • Hi


  • Cover 3 of the 4 houses in BTC miners. The bitcoin episode was one of my favourites

  • whyyyyyyyy all I see on SLnumber is click bait now a days

  • The creepy geometry consquentially produce because lyre regionally sneeze with a high-pitched appliance. different, lying jet

  • Simon can you please furnish the houses with all having beds and baths and toilets and stuff, so they all are more homely and less empty???

  • What do I watch now? 😥

  • One of the best series on SLnumber rn

  • hi


  • my game broke by items being delivered that i can't pick up

  • This was my favourite series yet on the channel! (hope you beat tommy on the main channel)

  • Noooo you didn’t ever get a dog noooooo whyyyy

  • Get rid of lucas

  • Idk what to do with my life anymore I binge watched all of these

  • This series gives me life highlight of my day so iconic ❤️❤️🥺🥺

  • School essay due tomorrow: Me: hmmmmm I should start working Simon: Calm

  • you said it was the end

  • Some people are freaks like. YOU DO KNOW THERES MORE GAMES LIKE THIS

  • buy a karambit zade from the shop online

  • has he ever played zifa?

  • Don't quit the streamer life simulator i always wait for that it is the best series ever

  • The only vid he didn’t try trick us

  • It'll be sad to see this series end cause I started it today and it's been a blast to watch, started from the bottom now we here.

  • Why are there so little comments

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • The best series i have seen in a wile 👏

  • get a pet

  • simon you should play valorant like if you agree

  • Simon should do homeless simulator after this series.

  • Nooooo, don't end it🙏🏻

  • Pretty sure the Terrorists are winning because they're planting the bomb?

  • i like how the chat doen't have betterttv

  • Play osu.

  • They planted the bomb, that's how you lost. Someone already told you that in the comments and "you" replied saying it makes sense

  • you should try to hack Lucas by now

  • The car hot being straight really annoys me Aaaahahhh my ocd

  • Just bcs Simon is replying let's try

  • R.I.P streamer simulator!

  • The title made me so nervous 😂

  • Walking dead is the best series ever

  • Make an account on zorn hub or whatever.

  • If minter replies to this I will shave my head bold

  • Do drug sealer simulator next

  • I need Zornhub

  • welp, he did it... he finally got us with the clickbait

  • No

  • Wassup miniminter

  • After can u do vr pls

  • You can buy a 21:9 monitor!

  • you need to do a 24 hour stream

  • buy a car that can carry more items

  • Hello Sophie

  • The car you like in the game btw is the Porsche Cayenne simon

  • W

  • Please just get a dog

  • You said Talia is going to get the dog 🐕 . Don't forget that

  • Plzzz do SLnumberrs life the sumilitor

  • I haven't seen the video but this isn't the last one I now it

  • We need a dog and you have to call I’m Jonathan

  • Simon you gotta play death trips

  • no dont end

  • anybody know whats on Zorn?

  • riddit

  • Make the whole house mining

  • buy a PS5

  • Hit 6 figures !

  • Is there ways or tips to get his viewers higher up?

  • 3:00 I'm stuck step bro

  • U gotta make a setup in each house, each one different, and u can buy every car for each house, and a dog for each house.

  • You have to find lucas

  • Who else thinks he should play real Csgo for a video

  • Simon what about the doggo

  • Man said he didn't wanna get miners and now he's singing who I smoke

  • POV: Lucas is the guy giving u the miners

  • Why don't you try buy van as may be able to carry more items?

  • My game doesnot crash

  • The number of people who don't want this series to end: 👇👇👇

  • aight

  • This is the ep where he really titles it "Streamer Life"

  • Do a gta rp


  • my heart almost stopped when i read the title

  • No please don’t end it I love this deities it’s so short to please simon don’t end it

  • Honestly after this games done I think I Simon should play csgo 😂 he seems to enjoy the btec version

  • End the series when you got $1million

  • Get talia while buying the dog

  • I really hope that Simon buys everything and furnishes every single house

  • You should get the biggest car that will have more storage to get loads and more of crypto

  • Can you install miners on the ceiling?

  • zornhub, you can buy subscription for the site

  • oof a crypto disappointed i thought you were one of us... 😂

  • I was the one that told him that his game will Crash

  • 24 hour stream when?

  • Can anyone tell me what headset Simon uses for his videos because I really need to find a better headset

  • We need more🥴

  • 13:13 Anyone reminded of the TLC guy?

  • Don't buy too much btc miners because the game becomes too easy

  • Dog